LCA as Code

Scale up your Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) practices by building dynamical parametrized models.

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LCA as Code


  • Describe your model with simple text files using a domain specific language
  • Built in quality and consistency for your models
  • Have your LCA benefit from code best practices
  • Move from statically made LCA datasets to industrially generated robust artifacts

Scale up

  • Write parametrized models with ease, augmenting productivity
  • Easily update your models and investigate deviations
  • Reuse your existing models


  • Use templating to dynamically create and assess 1’000s of processes in the blink of an eye
  • Reduce the Time to Market of your deliverables
  • Engage in incremental design


  • Quickly evaluate and compare footprint improvement scenarios
  • Use sensitivity analysis to understand your most critical data
  • Experiment, play and learn


Domain-Specific Language

  • Express your models as text files in a language adapted to LCA
  • Use templates to model parametrized processes
  • Custom functional unit and automatic consistency checks

Run your models

  • Dynamically assess any part of your models
  • Visualize your results, run contribution and sensitivy analysis
  • Export and share your results

An Integrated Development Environment

  • Navigate through the process tree by a simple click
  • Find usages of any product or substance
  • Computer assisted edition: automatic completion, renaming, etc.

Integrate with external data and tools

  • Control your background database: Ecoinvent, EF3.0, EF3.1
  • Import data and models from Simapro, Ecoinvent, Open LCA
  • Export to industry standard formats (Ecospold 2, ILCD, CSV)

And more

  • Collaborate and version easily with your favorite tools
  • Maintain and augment easily your models over time
  • Deploy and integrate easily your models in SaaS services

For whom ?

LCA Consultants

  • Easy and fast prototyping
  • Develop robust and maintainable models
  • Deploy models at scale

LCA database vendors

  • Develop maintainable models at scale
  • Control your background versions
  • Choose your collaboration model: from a single person to highly distributed teams


  • Quickly experiment your ideas
  • Document and publish reproducible research

Sustainability aware corporations

  • Corporate footprints with supply chain specific customizations
  • Product footprint at scale
  • Reuse and update your models year after year, while having a clear understanding of the variations

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1.6.6 released on April 23rd 2024

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